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Managed Security

We recognise the unique nature of each business, hence our commitment to offering tailor-made security plans for businesses of all types. Contact us to discuss our range of services and solutions.

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Disaster Prevention

We will help create you create a detailed plan for Disaster Recovery so that any action of intervention in case of emergency will be planned previously allowing for very short restoration, controlled in all its stages.
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Microsoft Business 365

MS Business 365 for Email, SharePoint, Azure, OneDrive. We use and support them all. We also support Google Workspaces and many others. Expertly managing your enterprise cloud we ensure seamless operations, enhanced productivity, and robust security.

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Sector Software Support

Working with the vendor we directly support many software packages such as Sage Cloud 50, Photoshop, Clio, PCLaw, Salesforce, Maximiser, Zoho and many more.


We use, support and manage many installations of VoIP telecoms for secure site to site comms and economically calling desk phones and mobiles in the UK and abroad.
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Home and Hybrid Working

Hybrid working blends office and remote work, providing flexibility. Often convenient for staff and businesses but brings extra IT security challenges.

At 90 Networks we understand that the security of your business’s digital assets is paramount. Our Managed Security Services are designed to provide comprehensive protection for your organisation, ensuring peace of mind in an increasingly digital world. In this article, we will delve into how our Managed Security Services can safeguard your business and why Tech West is the premier choice for such services in Dorset.

Comprehensive Managed Security Solutions: Local Expertise:

As a Dorset-based IT support provider, we have an in-depth understanding of the local business landscape. Our team is well-versed in the unique security challenges faced by businesses in Dorset and tailors solutions accordingly.

Tailored Security Plans: We recognise that each business is distinct.

Our Managed Security Services start with a thorough assessment of your specific security needs. We then develop a customised security plan to protect your digital assets effectively.

Diverse Services:

Tech West offers a wide range of Managed Security Services, including but not limited to threat monitoring, intrusion detection, firewall management, data encryption, and regular security audits.

Our holistic approach ensures your business remains resilient against evolving threats.

Proactive Support:

We implement proactive support for every system user.

This minimises downtime and protects your business from unforeseen threats.

Round-the-Clock Monitoring and NOC alerts: Cybersecurity threats can emerge at any time.

Our team provides full support, ensuring you have immediate assistance when you need it most.

Contact Us for an Informal Chat:

Ready to fortify your business against digital problems?

Our experts will assess your security posture, address your queries, and formulate a tailored Managed Security plan aligned with your business objectives.

90 Networks are your dedicated partner for Managed Security Services in Dorset. With local expertise, personalised solutions, and unwavering commitment to your security, we ensure your business thrives securely in the digital age. Reach out to us today to explore how our Managed Security Services can properly fortify your organisation.

Contact us now to discuss our comprehensive range of Managed Security Services. Protect your digital assets and maintain business continuity with our trusted solutions. Your digital risk management and peace of mind is our priority.


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IT Support at work