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Recent ProjectS

Ransomware Attack

A mid-size finance company in Dorset faced a serious operational crisis when a ransomware attack infiltrated their client data systems. The attack was particularly alarming because it entered the network through an end user who clicked on a malicious link from a messenger website, a clear violation of existing IT policy. The situation was critical, with the immediate disruption of operations, potential legal repercussions, and the risk of eroding client trust. 

The Solution: 90 Networks’ Business Continuity Plan.

Upon being alerted, 90 Networks deployed an emergency response team to the site. We activated our Business Continuity Plan (BCP), a customised strategy designed to meet the unique needs of each client. 

The first step was to isolate all infected systems, thereby containing the spread of the ransomware. Following this, we initiated the data recovery process. Our BCP includes a robust backup and recovery strategy, with real-time data backups stored in secure, off-site locations. These backups were unaffected by the ransomware and enabled us to restore all compromised data within hours, resulting in zero data loss.

To address the root cause of the breach—the end user’s violation of IT policy—we implemented additional security measures. A key component of our BCP is a multi-layered security protocol that includes not just technological solutions like firewalls and intrusion detection systems, but also human-centric strategies like regular security audits and employee training.

Operational Integrity Restored and Strengthened Security Measures

The company was back at work with minimal downtime, successfully averting legal complications and maintaining client trust. Importantly, the incident served as a catalyst for reinforcing IT security awareness among employees. The end user who inadvertently triggered the attack, along with other staff members, underwent further IT security training. This training focused on the importance of adhering to IT policies, including the risks associated with unauthorized web activity and the protocols for identifying and reporting suspicious links.


Scaling Woes for an E-commerce company

A booming e-commerce business struggled with website and back office crashes during peak sales periods, affecting revenue and customer satisfaction.

The 90 Networks Solution.
We conducted a thorough IT audit and identified bottlenecks in their existing infrastructure. We then migrated them to a scalable cloud solution, optimised for high traffic.

The client now handles peak traffic effortlessly, resulting in increased sales and positive customer reviews.


The Remote Work Challenge

A Dorset firm needed to transition to remote work due to the pandemic but faced security and connectivity issues.

The 90 Networks Solution.
We set up a secure VPN, implemented two-factor authentication, and provided remote desktop solutions. We also trained the staff on best practices for remote work.

The firm transitioned to hybrid-remote work smoothly, with no compromise on data security, support or system efficacy.


Legacy System Migration

A publishing company was operating on outdated software, leading to huge inefficiencies and a high risk of data loss.

The 90 Networks Solution.
We planned and executed a phased migration to modern publishing and CRM systems, ensuring zero data loss and minimal operational disruption.

The company now enjoys streamlined operations, real-time data analytics, and a robust, future-proof IT infrastructure.



A legal firm in Dorset needed help to comply with stringent data protection regulations but didn’t know where to start.

The 90 Networks Solution.
We worked with the client to identify IT related compliance issues and conducted a compliance audit and implemented data encryption, secure data storage, and regular security training for staff.

The firm is now compliant, avoiding hefty fines and enhancing its reputation in the legal community.


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