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Welcome to 90 Networks – your reliable IT support and services partner in Dorset. Since 2003, we’ve been dedicated to delivering timely solutions, from troubleshooting to full-scale project implementations. Our team of technicians, based in Dorset, ensures quick response and effective problem resolution.

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Managed IT Security

Experience peace of mind with our Fully Managed IT services, offering end-to-end solutions from network management to software updates, all tailored to your business need.

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Remedial and Projects

Our remedial and projects team delivers timely solutions, from troubleshooting to full-scale implementations.

Pragmatic Consultancy

Benefit from our proven, pragmatic consultancy and fully managed IT services, tailored to solve problems and optimise your business operations.

Our Story

90 Networks, a cornerstone of IT support in Dorset.

Our philosophy, “We are not box-shifting sales robots,” drives our mission to provide personalised and effective IT solutions. Based in Portland, Dorset (DT5 1GB), we are dedicated to supporting and understanding the unique needs of SME businesses in the Dorset region and beyond.

Being deeply rooted in the Dorset community, our services are tailored to the local business landscape. We specialise in network infrastructure, cloud solutions, and managed security, all designed with the Dorset business environment in mind. Our goal is not just to support networks but to be a long term reliable partner in the technological growth of Dorset businesses.

Our approach to IT support in Dorset combines comprehensive security plans with proactive threat mitigation, ensuring your business is safeguarded against evolving digital threats. With round-the-clock monitoring and a commitment to rapid response, we offer peace of mind to businesses across Dorset.

If you’re a Dorset-based business seeking dependable IT support, contact 90 Networks today. We’re not just here to support networks; we’re here to drive the digital success of businesses in Dorset.

Real Testimonials from Real Clients

Overseeing Every Nook and Cranny

“Our connection with Tech West thrives because they’ve got an intimate grasp of our systems, overseeing every nook and cranny of our IT world. From tackling printing quirks to crafting bespoke network and sector specific software solutions, they’ve got it all covered. And let me tell you, Terry keeps his cool, even when faced with the most trivial user requests!”

Matt N. Publishing.

Pragmatic hassle-free and cost-effective

Tech West IT offers a personal and simple approach to IT support. We can only recommend their installation services to any business looking for an IT support service. They provided us with a pragmatic hassle-free and cost-effective support service which suited our requirements perfectly.

Aarron B. Transport.

No stone is left unturned

Tech West has saved me so much time, running a project for us and liaising directly with our London office and third-party suppliers, such as ISPs, to ensure that no stone is left unturned. They are a great bunch of people– always on hand to assist with their knowledge and expertise – and I would have no hesitation in recommending their IT support services.

D. Green. Finance.

Knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with

We have our own internal IT resources but we sometimes call on the help of outside consultants like Tech West where specialist knowledge or a wider pool of experience is required. The team at Tech West are professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.

Kirsty B. Marketing.

Epitome of professionalism and wisdom

While we’ve got our own IT team in-house, there are times when we need the expertise of outside wizards like Tech West. When specialist knowledge or a broader horizon of experience is called for, we turn to them. The Tech West guys’ is the epitome of professionalism and wisdom, and collaborating with them has been an absolute delight.

C. Edwards. Finance.

Get a Professional Reference

Directly contact one of our clients in your kind of work and ask them what they think of us and the work we do, the levels of service and the expertise that benefits their business or organisation.

Seamless Email Migration to Microsoft Business 365

90 Networks, a Dorset-based IT support company, successfully migrated a client’s old email system to Microsoft Business 365 in just one weekend. The goal was to make the change without disrupting the client’s daily operations.

With careful planning and keeping the client’s SMT in the loop at all times the team started the week before by uploading all legacy emails then on the Friday evening, carefully moving data from the old email system to Microsoft Business 365. They focused on making sure all emails and settings were transferred correctly and securely.

By Monday morning, the migration was complete. The staff at the client’s company began their workday with the new email system in place. Everything was working as usual, and most employees didn’t even notice the change; except they were recieving no spam, no malware and there were no interruptions to email flow.

This project shows 90 Networks’ ability to handle important IT tasks efficiently and with little to no impact on their client’s day-to-day business.

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